Thaiho Group is now in Taiwan OTC with stock name as F-太和 and stock code as 4136. Our operations headquarters are located at BUILDING NO.4,NO.165,MINQIANG ROAD,SONGJIANG DISTRICT,SHANGHAI,CHINA. Established at Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1980 and moved to Shanghai, China since 1992, Thaiho Group now has 2 Plants, Shanghai La Fantcy Cosmetics Co., Ltd and Lee Shin Biotech Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd with over 800 employees in China. Our major markets are in Europe, USA, China and other areas. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Thaiho Group is the leading cosmetics OEM & ODM manufacturer in Great China area.Shanghai La Fantcy Cosmetics Co., Ltd under Thaiho Group is GGMP, SA 8000 and ISO 22716 certified and our products meet REACH, EEC, FDA, Chinese standard and other international standards...



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